Chinese Disneyland -【Shanghai, China】🇨🇳

The new Disneyland in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Disneyland has opened since June, 2016. Even most reviews from Taiwan newspaper and blogs were really negative, we still did not want to miss this great opportunity to visit there.

It is my 3rd time in Shanghai. The only available time to the park was on Sunday. Well.. I think all amusement parks in the world are crowded as hell on Sunday. Also, China is a country with more than 1.35 billion people. If it is crowded, it must be the worst ever.

Most negative reviews I read about Shanghai Disneyland are:

  1. Too many people – It is also what I was most worried about, but we were super lucky! The longest time we spent in waiting was 2 hrs. Most games took us less than 10-30 mins in line. It is way better than my experience in Tokyo Disneyland.
  2. Ticket is too expensive – People claimed the price is too high that they will rather go to Tokyo or HK. 1-Day pass is $75.89 in HK and $65.59 in Japan. In Shanghai, 1-day pass on weekday is $53.87 and $72.65. (Those prices are in USD.) also depends on currencies rate. To save some money, just visit here in weekdays then.
  3. Food is too expensive – EXACTLY! Food price in the park is unreasonable. However, food unpacked are allowed to take inside the park. There is a Family Mart in the MRT station.Just brought some bread if you don’t want to pay expensive food.😅
  4. Children poop on rides – I am glad we did not see this. 💩
  5. Pirate Disney product – YES, 2 Mickey mouse ears band for CNY 10!  There were people selling pirate Disney Ears Headband on the subway to Disneyland, around and inside the park. We even bumped into a guy who hid inside the attraction of the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, stood in the corner to sell pirate stuffs. Except pirate Disney products, they even sold fast pass tickets in the park! Came close to us and asked…so ridiculous.. 😨
  6. Always cut in line – YES, we encountered and saw this situation three times. 2 groups almost started a fight because of this. The staff tried their best to control and force them go back to line, but it still happened. Well.. it’s China..
  7. Bad service – Some people said staffs are within poker face and provide bad service. Naaaahh, they were within smiling face and passion. It is not really like what internet said.

What to see

There are six themes of Shanghai Disney Land so far – Mickey Avenue, Garden of Imagination, Fantasy Land, Treasure Cove , Adventure Isle and Tomorrow Land.

Tomorrow Land & Adventure Isle

There are 2 games highly recommended – TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Tomorrow Land and Soaring Over the Horizon in Adventure Isle.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run is the Tron themed roller-coaster. The theme of this game makes visitors feel like being in a video game. The incredible thing of this game is the design of the roller-coaster cart! It looks exactly like a motorcycle in Tron! Visiots maintain the position of riding a real motorcycle. Half trip is outdoors around the top edge of a dome and half inside a dark place with flashing light. Pretty cool one!

Soaring Over the Horizon is the one took us 2 hrs to wait, but it’s worth it! This game is a 4D?  (not really sure how many dimensions. :P) movie. People sit on the flying seats to experience a hang gliding flight across the world! The view was so real and with special fragrant of different places.It did make me feel like traveling all over the world. Absolutely gorgeous!

Garden of Imagination

It is a Chinese garden in front of the castle, the best  photo zone. There are 2 must-do things in Disney park – parade and fireworks. Around 12:40, Disney Fantasy parade go all around the garden with musical soundtrack. At 8pm, a nighttime spectacular “Ignite the Dream, A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light”  features music, fireworks, water fountains, ,lasers, fire and projection mapping. I was so happy they added Lion King in part of the show, my favorite Disney movie! 🦁But.. songs like “Just can’t wait to be king”, “hakuna matata”..were in Chinese.😐

Fantasy Land

The center of every Disney Land is a Enchanted Story Castle.The one in Shanghai Disney Land is the biggest in any Disney Parks, which is around 197 feet tall. The castle is with a boutique , a restaurant, gift shops, and amusement facilities – “Voyage to the Crystal Grotto” and a walk-through experience called “Once Upon a Time”.

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto is a water-based ride passsing sculpture gardens featuring characters from Disney movies and under the castle. However, I was kinda disappointed by the story line of the ride. “Once Upon a Time”is an adventure taking visitors to the magical fairytale world of Snow White, but speaking in Beijing accent Chinese.

What to eat..

Food price in the park is crazy. The turkey leg is 70 CNY. The hot dog is 30 CNY. We only fed ourself with bread from convenience store. Well.. after fireworks, we found out there is a cheesecake factory just next to the park! It is the only cheesecake factory in China so far. How can we miss it!  😋😋


My final note..

Even Taiwan and China both speak Chinese, accents are totally different. Most of my friends don’t want to visit Shanghai Disney park due to the Beijing accent here.That is something might destroy our Disney dream. 😅

That day was -1 degree in Shanghai. Even there is no Frozen theme game, we already experienced real “frozen” here. Couldn’t let it go, the cold really bothered me….. ⛄️

Rachel xx 

4 thoughts on “Chinese Disneyland -【Shanghai, China】🇨🇳

    1. I remember we paid the same price of a turkey leg but get a set in HK and Tokyo. lol. Not really sure about the price in any other places.@@
      Thanks for your commend! glad you have fun there as well 😀

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